i'm still alive.
just a quick update on some I'M FINE THANKS news.

Best Graduate Film - Ottawa International Animation Festival 2011
Best Graduate Film - Expotoons 2011
Best Animation - Darklight Film Festival 2011
Passion Prize - RCA 2011.

The film has also been shortlisted for a British Animation Award in the Best Student Film category and will tour the UK in 2012 as part of the BAA Public Choice Award.

Trickfilm Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film - May 2012
Anima Brussels - Feb 2012
London Short Film Festival - Jan 2012
Festival D'Angers Premiers Plans - Jan 2012
British Animation Awards - (Touring) Jan/Feb 2012
Animpact South Korea - Dec 2011
Sommet du Cinema D'Animation Montreal - Dec 2011
Pausefest - Nov 2011
Playgrounds - Oct 2011

a number of people have been in touch asking if any DVDs are available to buy.
i hadn't planned on it but if there's enough interest in this then it's definitely something i'll do.

if i'm going to sell DVDs at all i would like to package and print it nicely. i always appreciate good packaging! alternatively i could make a download available to buy online.
to gage numbers if you're interested get in touch: eoneillanimation@gmail.com
let me know if you would prefer dvds or digital copies and how much you would like to pay.

all proceeds will go directly towards my new film which is currently in production.

thanks for the huge amount of support and encouraging words about the film over the last couple of months.
happy 2012 everyone.



I'M FINE THANKS premiered last week at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.
incredibly, it won the Best Graduate Film. i could not have hoped for a better start for the film.

i have to say a massive thanks to louise bagnall, marah curran, rachel fuery, celine halpin, eimhin mc namara, lisa powell, claudio salas & luiz lafayette stockler. all of these people did a great job in helping me finish the film and get it out to the festival on time.

also big thanks to joe tate for his sound design and to paul thomas for his voice performance.
you can read the full list of winners and see what the judges had to say about the short HERE.

ill post up any more news/festival info as it comes.
right now i'm writing my next short at the RCA.
busy times!



finally! here is the trailer for my new short film I'M FINE THANKS.

the film will premiere at the 2011 Ottawa International Animation Festival more info on that HERE.


IMFT stills

here's a few production stills from my new film IM FINE THANKS.


John Norris Wood drawing prize

last night i won 3rd place in the John Norris Wood Natural Forms Drawing Competition at the RCA! here's one of my drawings from the exhibition:


Matter Fisher

alas! the brilliant Mr. Dave Prosser has released his BAFTA nominated film Matter Fisher online.
i had the great pleasure of helping Dave out for a couple of weeks last year with a little bit of animation. feast your eyes here.


im fine thanks

finally! a post with some bits and pieces related to my new short film
which is called 'IM FINE THANKS'. all the animation is completed and im on to the colouring/rendering stage which in itself is quite time consuming.

below is a sequence of animation frames from the film:

and here, im pleased to say, is a tiny finished clip:
or watch it HERE to see it big.


MAN drawing prize

i'm delighted to say last night i was awarded 2nd place in the prestigious MAN group drawing prize at the RCA. here's one of my drawings which is currently on exhibit at the show.


here's what i'm doing

superduper busy the last few weeks/months with my new film.
im pretty excited to be working with the brilliant sound designer joe tate.
im deep into production and in the final stages of animation at the minute.
(wow that feels good to say)
things are coming together... slowly.
for now here's a frame of rough animation.


film time

hello. last night was the opening of the RCA WIP show.
i'm exhibiting some early character designs for my film.
here's some images of my exhibition space and printing etc.
(sorry about the bad photos.)
ill be making this film for the next while so updates shall be even more sporadic. it's probably wise to expect something completely different to everything else i've made. it may also feature all of the colours known to man. yes. bye for now.


for eimh.

this is for eimhin. may also appear in a thing im making. not sure.



some characters for something. maybe!


sketchbook wanderings.


one of many skulls ive drawn over the last few months.
again this is from the natural forms class.

natural forms

from the natural forms class at the RCA.


and also..

im slow to pick up on these things but im attempting to tweet.


old drawing. new colours.

interplanetary travel

this is my lip sync project for the RCA.
it was completed in about 5 days, 2 of which were spent animating in an estonian hotel room.



not much to say at the minute, moving country etc.
heres some small sketchbook things.
i should probably draw something other than hands.



a wee sketchy painting from the corner of my sketchbook...



a few things from the most recent sketchbook.
ive been messing around with paint lately too, digital and otherwise.


Matter Fisher

im delighted to say that a trailer for the short film i worked on recently Matter Fisher can now been seen online here. congrats to director Dave Prosser for doing such a great job.



ive been busy the past few weeks/months. busy busy. i moved home and have started a new animation job which is going well. lots of traveling now but it means i get a designated 3 hours of drawing/reading time everyday. my evenings were spent doing some freelance animation with the great Dave Prosser on his graduate film at the RCA. i'm delighted to have been able to work with Dave. see his stuff here: http://www.daveprosser.co.uk/

for now heres some personal drawings from the pile...



big news today.
i found out a short time ago that ive been accepted into the Royal College of Art in london
to study on the animation direction MA. i cant wait.
ive wanted to go there for a long time now so im very excited to say the least.
so not much else to say really.