My Day Final Stills

Heres a collection of stills I put together from
my film 'My Day' which i just finished! YAY!
The first screening of the film will be at this year's
Galway Film Fleadh and then hopefully there
will be a few more after that.


Ciaran said...

Sweet! ...lookin forward to this. I'll be seeing yours, Louise's and the two lads' film for the first time.

eamonn o' neill said...

Thanks, yeah i cant wait to see louise's and the lad's should be alot of fun at galway this year!

Patrick Semple said...

hey man looks really good.Can you rember the aspect ratio we use on the groupe project

eamonn o' neill said...

hey thanks.
it was anamorphic so the aspect ratio was 2.39:1

Louise said...

looks great! well done on getting it finished, cant wait to see it up in galway :)

eamonn o' neill said...

cheers louise, well done to you too. im looking forward to colour contamination all finished too!

Eimhin said...

That's a lie I've seen it already.

(....*I'm painting the crocs head*.......)