Last Tuesday I attended the RTS student awards ceremony in RTE.
It was a fun night and great to see all the other winning films.

Two days later myself and gang from college went to the lovely Mansion House in Dublin
for the 2009 3 Student Media Awards in which I was a finalist for "Short Animation of the Year". It was very fancy indeed and to make the night even better... I WON!!

It's very strange to be winning awards almost a year after My Day was completed but im thrilled nonetheless!

Myself and Tom Quinn (RTE Group Secretary) at the RTS awards:


Ciaran said...

YAAY! congratulations ye mad hoor. Well deserved.
This is an auspicious start to a career that wouldn't even wait till you'd left college to get started.
Next, awards for 'On the quiet' and then '******'


Eimhin said...

Good show √Čamo. Once yer done getting critically acclaimed we make moveez. Trashy rubbish moveez. That's where the moneez is.

eamonn o' neill said...

thanks guys. it means a lot coming from ye two :)

Patrick Semple said...

congrads boss you made an amazing film and it desevers all the attension it is getting

chris o' hara said...

Congrats Eamo!!

donal mangan art stuff said...

Well done Eamo!
Here's to many more!

L Arthur said...

wahey! well done on beating everyone everywhere!! haha

Christina O Donovan said...

Eamonn Oscars!
you really deserve it! well done

eamonn o' neill said...