I'M FINE THANKS premiered last week at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.
incredibly, it won the Best Graduate Film. i could not have hoped for a better start for the film.

i have to say a massive thanks to louise bagnall, marah curran, rachel fuery, celine halpin, eimhin mc namara, lisa powell, claudio salas & luiz lafayette stockler. all of these people did a great job in helping me finish the film and get it out to the festival on time.

also big thanks to joe tate for his sound design and to paul thomas for his voice performance.
you can read the full list of winners and see what the judges had to say about the short HERE.

ill post up any more news/festival info as it comes.
right now i'm writing my next short at the RCA.
busy times!


CĂ©line DESRUMAUX said...

well done!
I can't wait to see it!


eamonn o' neill said...

thank you Celine, hopefully you wont have long to wait!

Eimhin said...

Congrats again Eamo. Sure I was only helping you so I could see it early!

John McGuinness said...

Congrats!! Im looking forward to seeing it soon:)

yoni salmon said...

CONGRATS! hope to see your movie!